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Vendor financing solutions for medtech and life sciences

About us

DiaMedCare started out in 2016 to become the first, globally active asset financing boutique in the healthcare and broader life sciences sector offering specialized solutions – tailored to every product and every go-to-market strategy. We focus on pay-per-use, renting and leasing solutions for innovative diagnostics and medical equipment. The founding team brings a unique combination of financial expertise, longstanding experience with innovative diagnostics and medical devices, and in-depth know-how within the healthcare market to the table.

Our offer

DiaMedCare offers unique vendor financing solutions for manufacturers of innovative medical devices, equipment, diagnostic solutions and other related equipment to meet the strongly growing demand from their customers for flexible monthly payments instead of large upfront investments. Capital expenditures for new products can represent a major impediment for healthcare providers which operate under immense financial pressure, which again leads to a notoriously long sales cycles for manufacturers. Shifting CapEx into OpEx, sales cycles can be significantly shortened and tailored solutions bring greater flexibility over the lifetime of a technological product.

Replacing CapEx with OpEx

DiaMedCare enables manufacturers to offer healthcare providers and patients affordable access to innovative technologies and therapies.


Faster and easier placement of products

Healthcare Provider

Higher efficiency due to cost savings and improved services

With subsidiaries in Germany and the US, DiaMedCare provides solutions for the largest healthcare markets and enables tailored solutions for each market entry strategy.

Based on our expertise in the healthcare sector and our wide-reaching industry network, we are recognized by our customers as enabling, long term partners at a crucial time when their products enter serial production and the sales force is ramping up to sell the first products to customers.


Smart, strategic and prudent while focused on the long term vision. The DiaMedCare team leverages decades of complimentary expertise in Venture Capital, Financial Audit and Advisory, as well as Financial Risk Management.


Board of directors

Dr. Erich Reinhardt, Jacques Schächtele

Venture Partner

Dr. Arnd Kaltofen

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